Envision Your Ultimate Backyard Patio Design in 3 steps

Backyard Patio Design

Just like many homeowners this year, you may have embraced the idea of “staycations” and reacquainted yourselves with your outdoor space. Many homeowners have spent more time in their own backyards and as a result of this they are finding different ways to improve their outdoor experience and making it more comfortable and enjoyable. If you are planning your Backyard Patio Design, you should make it more functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Essentially, we are extending the indoor space to the backyard. Then there are interior elements like outdoor kitchens, bars, fireplaces, and even furniture. Patio flooring, however, is not perceived by many homeowners as an integral part of an indoor-outdoor landscape design. Setting the mood with patio flooring is key when creating your backyard patio design plans. It doesn’t matter what kind of material, colors, textures or patterns you use, outside patio flooring can be customized in so many ways!

Why don’t we take a look at the options?

Step 1: Discovering your inspiration

Having a clear vision is crucial before breaking ground. What is your vision for your outdoor space? Your family and you will be spending a lot of time there, so making it suitable in terms of how it looks and feels is important. To help inspire you, Pinterest is great great place to start gathering ideas. Search for backyard patio design, patio ideas, backyards, decks etc. and create Pinterest boards of your favourite images. Combine materials, textures and colors for outdoor patio flooring that is truly unique!

Once you have some idea of how you want your backyard patio design to look, start planning it out. You could draw it out on graph paper or consider using software like HomeDesignerSoftware where you can easily plan it out and then create a 3D rendering.

Step 2: Choosing the materials

To start planning a backyard patio design, determine the materials to use for the outdoor patio flooring. When deciding what flooring option to select, style and durability are the two main concerns. Most homeowners are not aware of the infinite choices that are available to create outdoor flooring design. There are so many pavers and slabs that you can choose from. Then you can choose different design patterns and combinations of edges that you can build a truly unique space that you are going to love spending time in. There are gorgeous slabs and pavers that are resistant to weather and will stay beautiful for a long long time. Here are a few options for your materials…

Brick pavers

The versatility and classic appeal of brick are hard to beat! Pavers made of brick are flexible, strong, and durable. Their easy maintenance and environmental friendliness make them a great choice. Installation is simple. Their original color is long-lasting.

In comparison to traditional clay brick pavers, concrete brick pavers offer a more diverse range of rich color combinations. Color matching is easier with them since they can be matched more accurately with existing outdoor appliances and features.

In addition to smooth finishes, brick pavers also offer beveled surfaces, as well as rougher textured surfaces to choose from. Your outdoor hardscapes will look more architecturally sophisticated when you use a variety of paver shapes and laid patterns.

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Composite deck

Any space with wood flooring feels warm, cozy, elegant, and timeless. Because of this, it is commonly found in homes all over the world. Wood flooring is being introduced to backyards in an effort to extend the indoors, but the materials are less resistant to exposure to the elements. There are several composite decking options that will elegance to your outdoor patio flooring! Composite decking is less likely to crack or warp, so they are easy and inexpensive to maintain.

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Natural stone flooring

Would you like an outdoor patio floor with a classic stone look? There is a vast selection of concrete pavers and patio slabs that mimic the aesthetic of natural stone with added durability. When exposed to the elements and foot traffic over time, natural stones can crack. You can also consider concrete stones that can withstand years of freezing and thawing and are deicing salt resistant. You also have the option to choose from an array of colors, allowing you great versatility when designing!

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Large-scale porcelain tiles

Floors have been dressed with large-scale porcelain tiles for centuries. It is usually viewed as an indoor flooring option due to its timeless elegance. As well as interior floors, they are a great option for outdoor decks as well. Consider bringing the attractive feel of porcelain tile to your backyard to make the outdoor space feel like the inside? In spite of their durability, slip-resistance, weather performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance, porcelain tiles are ideal for use outdoors. They can be pricey and difficult to cut. The ultimate contemporary landscape design consists of placing pea-gravel between the slabs and spacing them out.

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Step 3: Experiment with colors, patterns and scales

We’re getting to the fun part now. Once you’ve chosen your materials, you can focus on designing. The outdoor patio is one of the few spots where homeowners can get really creative. It is common to think about grey concrete stones stacked side by side when we think of patio flooring. However, if you want to become the envy of your neighbors, here are some ideas that will make your backyard patio design stand out.

Getting creative with scale

Select from an array of pavers that can be stacked beautifully and can be matched to create a customized landscape design! Small backyard pavers can be used to create original patterns on large pavers, or to fill in the outline of a space. Occasionally, backyard pavers are used in small groups to create the appearance of a larger one. It is the ideal way to show off your creativity when designing a landscape by mixing scales!

Design Patterns for your backyard patio design

There are many wonderful patterns that can be used when doing your backyard pavers installation. Patterns can be utilized to create interesting designs or create circular areas to break up large spaces. This approach can really elevate the overall design even if you use very ordinary bricks or stones.

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For even more inspiration for you patio degin, check out Pinterest when you start planning your Backyard Patio Design!

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