Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

A fireplace and outdoor kitchen are great for entertaining or enjoying time with your family. Various materials such as brick, natural stone or pavers can be used in their construction.

outdoor kitchens

If you need an outdoor kitchen that is fully functional, our team takes extra care. It is important to plan your outdoor kitchen so that you get the most use and enjoyment out of it.

It simply comes down to what style of outdoor bars, kitchens, and dining areas works for you best. The following are some outdoor examples:

outdoor kitchen

The covered patio dining area features a built-in grill station just steps away. Due to its proximity to the house, food and supplies are easily accessible. Our built-in grills and kitchen structures can be positioned to conceal air conditioning units and other utilities when necessary.

outdoor kitchen

A retaining wall combined with a grill station – this large grill station is neatly integrated into the wall. The area surrounding the grill features ample counter space and a gorgeous view of the surrounding landscape beyond the stone countertops.

This fully equipped outdoor kitchen patio is located between the house and garden. It has a split-level counter and hot and cold serving areas. This project includes café seating, a food prep area, an undercounter refrigerator, and a large undermount sink.

Multiple outdoor kitchens and fireplaces are designed and installed every year by our company. Our expertise in outdoor kitchens and fireplaces can help you achieve your outdoor dream. Furthermore, we can advise on additional outdoor features such as patios and retaining walls to further enhance the space.

By hiring Patio Paver Pros for all your outdoor projects, you can be certain they get the job done on-time and on-budget. Please  contact us for an on-site estimate and consultation.