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The Magic of Pool Pavers

Imagine a glamorous Caribbean resort, or the bright blue waters of Fiji:  One could wait in long lineups at the airport to arrive at your destination, drained and hungry – or you could simply step through a door to your landscaped pool and outdoor chef’s kitchen.

Having an inground pool is more than just a leisure activity; it’s a way of life. By transforming the average backyard into an exotic and luxurious resort, they can transform an ordinary garden into something different.

Try to imagine how your outdoor pool will look in the future, how the pool pavers will complement the architecture, how it can uniquely represent you, and how it will enhance your outdoor living space.

Designing the Ultimate Pool Deck

One of the most important parts of a poolscape is the area around the pool. In addition to being an area where everyone gathers, it also plays a crucial role in defining the style and personality of the pool.

There are a variety of natural and manmade materials that can be used to build exceptional pool decks. While natural stones have been the go-to for sophisticated pool design, there are other options thanks to the advancements in the materials used for pool pavers.

Choosing the hardscape materials to use in the design of your pool deck is the first step in designing a spectacular pool deck. Let’s take a look at some common options.

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Pool Decks made with Poured Concrete

Pouring a concrete slab around the pool is one of the most common choices for pool decking. Poured concrete offers several advantages over other solutions, including its simplicity, durability, and affordability.

Adding texture to concrete decks can make them slip-resistant, and you can pour concrete into a wide range of shapes. As far as design is concerned, concrete is not visually interesting so not the most elegant solution. You’ve seen thousands of these and there is nothing unique about it.

Wooden Pool Decks

Pool decking made of wood can be attractive and comfortable, as well as soft to walk on.

It is, however, highly susceptible to damage caused by the elements and insects. For this reason, wood must be treated continually with sealer and maintained meticulously. Wood isn’t usually thought of as being extremely cost-effective in the long run because of this.

Brick Pool Pavers

If your home is historic, brick can enhance a pool’s rustic or timeless look. Using brick pavers is an easy way to create a unique design by mixing and matching colors, sizes, and orientations. Besides being expensive, both in terms of material and labor, bricks retain heat from the sun, so they may not be an ideal choice if you are building a pool in direct sunlight.

Natural Stone Pool Decks

Pool areas clad in quarried natural stone can have a sense of Old-World richness and texture that is often favored by architects and landscape designers. There are many options that are easy both on the eyes and on the feet, such as travertine pavers, bluestone, and flagstone.

A wide range of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors can also be achieved with natural stone pavers. Natural stone is expensive, which is its biggest drawback. Because natural stone decking is typically very expensive to quarry, finish, and haul, many homeowners cannot afford it.

What is The Best Material To Use For Pool Decking? 

Without a doubt, designers and architects are recommending concrete pavers for pool surround instead of natural stone. 

Pool Pavers made of concrete are an ideal pool deck material because they combine durability with elegance. Handcrafted pavers from Patio Paver Pros offer a more affordable alternative to stone and are an ideal substitute for this timeless look. For beautiful outdoor living spaces and pool patios, we offer a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of pavers.

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Pool Pavers with popular patterns

Concrete pavers are characterized by their variety of shapes and sizes, which is a significant advantage. For a pool area that is visually interesting, concrete pool pavers can be laid out in many patterns.

Pool deck patterns include the following:

Stacked Bond Pattern – This pattern requires matching pavers to be evenly spaced in rows and columns. When laid diagonally or with oversized pavers, stacked bonds are elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Running Bond Pattern — A variation of the stacked bond pattern, is characterized by its staggered rows of pavers to create a pattern like subway tiles.

Random Patterns —  Although it may appear random at first glance “Random” patterns are actually various sized pavers placed into intricate patterns. Randomness is an illusion.

Patterns with Geometric Shapes —To add movement to your pool deck, use chevron patterns, hexagon patterns, or picket pavers.

Herringbone Pattern — In this design, rectangular pavers are arranged at 90-degree angles to make a fishbone or zigzag.

Enclosed and alternating patterns —Another popular technique is to use more than one pattern, or even use a pattern to create a border around another pattern? An good example would be enclosing an octagonal pattern with rectangular edging, or embedding small segments of herringbone into a basic stack bond pattern.

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Choosing Colors for Your Concrete Patio Pavers

Last but not least, we have your color palette, which is one of your most useful tools when styling a pool patio design. Unlike some pool deck materials that offer few color choices, handcrafted concrete pavers offer a vast palette of color options. Here are some of the most popular color schemes of all time.


Trends have seen the popularity of white as a design color soar. Patio Pavers in white are an excellent choice for pool decking because white pavers appear timeless and rich, plus, because white deflects more of the sun’s rays, it keeps your feet cool.

Alternating Colors

The use of alternating colors can create visual interest for your pool deck. In a simple stacked bond pattern, complementary colors like Light Grey and Medium create a “checkerboard” effect.

Multi-colored Patterns

You can use 3-4 different paver sizes and colors in a complex random pattern for something a little more striking and original.

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Be Unique – Choose Concrete Pavers For Your Pool Decking

With all the options we mentioned, concrete pavers can transform your outdoor space into something uniquely yours.

The living space around your pool is just as important as the pool itself when it comes to the overall experience. Whether you’re looking for a small inground freeform pool or a complete island resort and spa, we will help create that magical outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of.

Modern South Florida is getting more and more interested in outdoor living, so having a lush landscape around your pool is an essential component of a sophisticated lifestyle.  We can create the perfect outdoor oasis for you!  For your own private escape, we combine water elements with pool paver hardscapes and landscaping.

Whether it’s a swimming pool deck, terrace, water feature, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, patio, transitional area, or outdoor kitchen, our concrete pavers can elevate your pool deck to the outdoor space you have been dreaming of.

Our team of experts can show you more about the advantages of using concrete pavers that are architectural grade for the foundation for your swimming pool deck. Contact us today to learn more about your options for your project and to discuss your needs.

Creating a  pool paver design around your swimming pool can be less expensive and easier than you think.  Get started on your dream landscape today by talking with our knowledgeable designers.

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