Guide to Outdoor Living Space Ideas & Outdoor Kitchens

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Florida offers some of the country’s most beautiful and memorable outdoor living space possibilities. Whether you prefer a sleek minimalist design or a luxurious tropical haven, there are a variety of options out there.

The best thing about designing your outdoor living space in Florida is the abundance of amenities and products available. From professional landscaping services to award-winning appliances and fixtures, there are plenty of ways to create an outdoor oasis that will truly bring you joy.

In Florida, the most popular design themes fall into the category of Mediterranean style or Modern Minimalist. The minimalist style probably being most popular because it is low-maintenance and less likely to be damaged in severe tropical storms.

Luxurious Outdoor Living Space

If you’re like many homeowners in the sunshine state, you’ve probably long been interested in outdoor kitchen design ideas. With today’s array of unique outdoor kitchen designs, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your outdoor living space and enjoy more time in the beautiful Florida weather.

For instance, many homes have combined indoor/outdoor kitchens and living spaces. Why would you want to separate the two? This creates a luxurious space and the ultimate in relaxing elegance. By combining the two, you can enjoy the convenience of an indoor kitchen with the comfort and personalization of an outdoor space.

Full-service outdoor kitchens designed with an eye to functionality and style are perfect for hosting parties and hosting outdoor get-togethers.

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One crucial element of any outdoor kitchen design is the selection of countertops. The most popular choices are products like granite to design your outdoor kitchen countertop.

This is because granite counters are extremely hard-wearing and extremely beautiful. Of course, you can always choose other materials for your outdoor countertops, but nothing offers the combination of durability and beauty that granite does.

Cabinetry for outdoor kitchens can get very expensive if you choose exotic woods but they are the most durable choices. Other most popular kitchen cabinet types include marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel, PVC, and masonry.

Just as important as the materials used in your outdoor kitchen design are your choices in flooring, lighting, and fixtures. Because you’ll be able to use them in the same way (or different ways) from inside your home, it’s important that you carefully select your fixtures.

For example, if you’re designing a cooking area, you should choose a Quartz Tone Granite or stainless steel one sink. For Mediterranean and Tropical themes it’s nice to incorporate natural elements like bamboo or rattan into your design so that it meshes well with your surroundings. Ultimately, what matters most is that you create a space that’s comfortable, functional, and stylish.

What Else Does Your Outdoor Kitchen Need?

The final component of outdoor kitchen design is the addition of cooking appliances. While the primary purpose of these items is to allow your food to cook, they can also add a nice touch to the overall appearance of your property.

For example, many homeowners choose to add barbecue grills to their spaces because they allow them to cook outside while entertaining family and friends. For a built-in grill, you’ll want to go with a gas grill. Other elements that you may want to incorporate include:

  • Task Lighting
  • Ice Maker
  • Wine Refrigerator
  • Warming Drawer
  • Pizza Oven
  • Beer Tap
  • Patio Bar or Bar Cart
  • Coffee and Tea Bar
  • Trash and Recycling Bins
  • Dishwasher

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But, if you want to create an outdoor living space that stands out, why not consider investing in a fireplace or pizza oven? A beautifully structured  fireplace or pizza oven will add an impressive touch to any outdoor kitchen. Not only do they provide heat, but they’re also an excellent way to cook meals and stay warm while entertaining on cool Florida evenings in January and February.

Whether you’re interested in creating a fully functional outdoor living space or simply creating a space that allows you to enjoy the sunshine while cooking your favorite meals, Florida is a great place to enjoy nature in the comfort of your own home.

We hope this article provided some inspiration for building your outdoor living space. Call Patio Paver Pros if you would like some help with creating the outdoor living space of your dreams.

More Outdoor Living Space Ideas

When it comes to outdoor living space, the possibilities are endless and can range from decks and porches to gazebos and pergolas. The best part about creating your own outdoor living space is that it is so much fun to create and you will be so glad that you spent the time doing it.

Sunlight or Shaded Patio?

If you are going to build your own outdoor living space you may want to consider some of the fabulous designs that are available and take your ideas one step further by implementing them. If you already have a patio or deck, consider updating or restoring it.

If your new design plans are extremely different, it’s best to tear down the existing ones and start from scratch. If you have enough space you’ll want to plan for designated areas for different activities.

You can design these spaces around a variety of seating choices including lawn chairs, benches, love seats, swing seats. Have shaded areas for dining or cooking and sunny areas for chaise lounge sunbathing.

Covered Patio or Pergola?

One great way to create an outdoor living space or incorporated outdoor living room is with a covered patio or pergola. A covered patio is an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful weather and still have all of the comfortable seating that you need to enjoy your outdoor living space. There are so many great ways to utilize a covered patio such as being able to curl up with a good book, listening to the birds, or enjoying your favorite cup of tea. This type of seating can also make an attractive addition to your landscape if your design style includes lots of greenery, flowers, and vines.

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A space for outdoor dining is a must-have for any outdoor living space and it should always be in a shaded area. By placing a breakfast nook or outdoor kitchen on your backyard deck, you can enjoy the peacefulness of cooking your favorite gourmet meals while enjoying the beautiful outdoor space that you have created for yourself.

You can create a breakfast nook by placing a small table beneath a large umbrella, or by building a pergola to cover your breakfast area.  You can add your other outdoor furniture pieces such as a hammock, picnic table, benches, lounge chairs, loungers, and sofas.

Outdoor Lighting – the essential ingredient

Lighting is an essential part of the overall ambiance and general feel of the outdoor space.

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Integrate landscaping, or large planters for minimalist designs, to and some softness and warm up the whole feel of the space.

As you can see, there are many different design ideas for your outdoor space, but you have to plan what activities you will do there. No matter what design idea you choose, you will have to determine how much sun exposure is appropriate. Your kitchen should be covered so that you do not cook your foods in direct sunlight. If you want to sunbathe, then The best design ideas for any kitchen include using materials that are durable, practical, and beautiful. Keep in mind that your outdoor kitchen should serve as an area where you can relax and enjoy nature, so use your imagination when you create your kitchen design.

Our top tips for planning plan your ultimate outdoor living space.

Easy access is important and we tend to use outdoor areas that can be accessed directly from the kitchen or the living room in some cases.

  1. It may be necessary for you to install a new backyard access point if your current one is difficult to reach. A door can be installed through a wall in less than two days. If you are serious about enjoying your outdoor living space, it’s worth the investment.
  2. Privacy can be difficult if you live in a dense neighborhood. Your neighbor’s deck could be situated where it overlooks your patio. Plants that are potted and drapery for outdoors can enhance the appearance of your patio, or perhaps a pergola. While landscaping offers privacy, the cost can be higher than other options.
  3. People love to gather around a fire. You can enjoy the feel of a cottage retreat at home every day of the week with a fire pit. Everybody can find a design that suits them. You may need to apply for an open-air burning permit depending on your location.
  4. Everyone loves to take in a beautiful view! Create a focal point for your patio furniture by aligning it to maximize your view. Get creative and create a fire pit, an outdoor bar, or maybe a water feature with beautiful landscaping around it if your view isn’t the best.
  5. Outdoor furniture should be just as comfortable as anything inside of your home, so you should enjoy your outdoor living space as much as the other rooms. As with your home, you can immediately feel the value of quality furniture as soon as you sit down so be sure to try it out before you buy it. Make the space comfy by adding accent pillows and rugs.
  6. Create a space that reflects your personality. Choose the right type of décor, the right kind of storage for your needs, and get heaters to keep your space comfortable when the weather is chilly so you can use your outdoor space anytime.
  7. Outdoor kitchens or grills are great for cooking. The cooking area should be accessible from the main outdoor living area.  Also, make it  far enough away that you won’t  have stale smoke and grease splatter getting all over your patio furniture or into the house. 
  8. A quiet time in your yard can be just what you need from time to time. You’ll love having an outdoor TV. It should be installed under a permanent roof structure.
  9. Don’t let the searing sun get you down on a Saturday afternoon. Large cantilever patio umbrellas can provide a comfortable 13+ foot shade area, and you can adjust their angle to follow the sun as it moves throughout the day.

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Where do you start with outdoor furniture ideas for your outdoor living space?

Making a detailed plan of your outdoor living space is a great way to prepare a budget and schedule how each stage will be completed.

Using it also allows you to see the finished product clearly, so you know exactly what to look for when you are shopping.

Taking measurements of the space and writing down the dimensions for your plan will help you when you go looking for the perfectly sized patio furniture and any other outdoor living items you need.

Get some inspiration for Pinterest, then use online planner software if you are comfortable doing that. You can plan it out a generate a 3D rendering with software like Home Designer.

Be sure to check out “Envision Your Ultimate Backyard Patio Design in 3 steps“.  Check out Oceanone Interiors for help with interior design.

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